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Seamstress / Fabric Finishing in Austell, GA at Synerfac

Date Posted: 3/28/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Second Shift

The Fabric Finishing Prep/ Seamstresses are responsible for the completion of all fabrics within the department on strict timelines. Displays are created with metal/wood frames and fabrics are made to fit into or cover the frames. Fabrics are measured, cut and sewn with various finishes to fit different types of frame applications. Individuals in these positions are responsible for reviewing and troubleshooting information, assuring quality production, and for maintaining communication within department. Responsibilities include: interfacing between Fabric Project Managers, Warehouse/ Shop personnel and shipping departments to maintain timelines for all assigned jobs, in addition to the production of specified items from raw materials to finished fitted displays. These roles must be aware of changes as a job progresses and properly execute orders as directed. Prep/ Seamstresses report to the Fabric Finishing Department Manager and are responsible for cutting, sewing, fitting and packaging all fabrics, as well as tracking job progress to meet timelines. Prep/ Seamstresses are responsible for maintaining specified SOP and quality completion of every item. Prep/ Seamstresses will work closely with the Department Manager, account managers, project managers, and shop leads to ensure the successful completion of all assigned projects. In addition to this job description, this position is responsible for operating within our standard operating procedures.

This position requires over time hours (mostly during the fall and winter months) and a flexible schedule. Occasional travel may be requested, but not required.

Strong written and verbal communication skills are a must. Having attention to detail, being organized, and good work ethic are a must. Having good math skills and a sewing background are a plus. Industrial sewing experience or production sewing experience is preferred. High school graduation is a prerequisite and advanced schooling preferred.

This position is evaluated against this job description with an emphasis on overall organizational knowledge and successful production skills. Also, the Preppers/ Seamstresses will be evaluated on their ability to thoroughly understand and maintain the overall SOP of the department. Additionally, individuals in this position will be measured by their ability to communicate effectively with account teams and completion of assigned projects with regard to important due dates for all jobs.

  Job Requirements  

1.Workflow between Department Management, Fabric Project Managers, Shop, Warehouse and Shipping.
a.Daily communication with Department Manager regarding job assignments/ status/ completions.
b.Collecting all information sources to assess accuracy and completeness.
c.Communication with Project Managers and Shipping to discuss questions and ensure awareness of frame location, due dates, and updates.
2.Maintain Organization and Cleanliness
a.Manage the organization and maintenance of assigned work station and tools within the department.
b.Report all supply needs and any inventory pulled to Department Manager.
c.Keep work area clean and organized.
d.Dispose of fabric waste into department dumpsters.
3.Job Completion & Time Tracking
a.Responsible for assessing job scope and deadlines.
b.Maintain a list of item statuses per job.
c.Provide insight and accurate estimates for item and job completion.
d.Maintain high personal quality control to ensure that only the highest quality products are shipped out.
4.Production Stages
a.Responsible for assessing job scope and realistic finishing time.
b.Communicate issues and updates regularly to account team and department manager to facilitate production completion in a timely manner.
c.Math is completed for each piece needing to be cut based on a specific formula. All math is checked by a supervisor prior to cutting.
d.Fabric cutting requires laying fabrics out on tables neatly and marking to the correct size with tape measures and rulers.
e.Each fabric must be marked and labelled properly for installation and inventory.
f.Assure fabrics are sewn with requested finish and to the correct size.
g.Responsible for test fitting every item produced on provided or mock frames for fit quality. Each item must be photographed on a frame before being packaged.
h.Responsible for neatly packaging each item with identifying labels visible after folding.
i.Responsible for tracking missing information and items throughout job to assure closed job includes all ordered items.

a.Required to adhere to overall safety enforcements regarding scissor lifts and ladders.
b.Safety glasses and closed toe shoes are required at all times within the shop.
c.Cutting tools must be used with the utmost care.